Drought: Mussel advisor warns: “Streams and rivers will disappear” – Dachau

In the summer in the district of Dachau, watercourses dried up unexpectedly, and many animals died. The situation has calmed down, but shellfish consultant Günter Schön warns of future droughts.

Günter Schön, 55, from the municipality of Erdweg has been a nature conservation warden for 15 years and has also been a beaver advisor in the Dachau district for a few years. Shells have fascinated him for a long time. As a mussel consultant, he works closely with the State Office for the Environment and the Fishery Advisory Service for the district of Upper Bavaria – all on a voluntary basis. The man is constantly on the move and has dedicated himself to the goal of saving the river mussel, which is threatened with extinction in Bavaria.

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