Drones deployed to monitor the demonstration against “state violence”, the rebellious unions

A static demonstration is organized this Tuesday from 6 p.m. on the forecourt of Human Rights in Bordeaux at the call of the SudPTT33 union. He calls for a protest against the pension reform and “state violence”, after the repressions around May 1, which gave rise to numerous abusive police custody, according to the union. Tension is mounting between the unions and the authorities over the use of drones which has just been authorized by the administrative court. The request filed by SudPTT33 to overturn the prefectural decree was rejected on Tuesday morning.

Drones with on-board cameras

“Given the damage, the clashes with the internal security forces and the sabotage of the video surveillance cameras observed during certain recent inter-union demonstrations, the prefect of the Gironde has decided to reinforce, as on May 1, the security of the rally for guarantee the best possible course of this event, explains the prefecture in a press release on Tuesday. This gathering involves a large area to be secured and involves having a wide-angle view to allow the maintenance and restoration of public order. »

Under the law of January 24, 2022, it specifies that the police are authorized to use drones with on-board cameras. “The capture of images is strictly supervised and secure and cannot, for example, target the interior of homes”, specifies the press release from the prefecture. For its part, the SudPTT33 union announces that it will attack “on the merits” this decision to use drones, in particular because it is no longer exceptional but is becoming the norm. “We leave it to the population to wonder about the meaning of these liberticidal measures which aim to criminalize social movements, to file the population and to monitor public and private space”, he concludes.

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