Drinking water in the Würmtal is becoming more expensive – District of Munich

The residents of Planegg, Graefelfing, Gauting and Krailling have to pay higher drinking water fees. Provided the association assembly of the Würmtal-Zweckverband agrees in December, citizens will have to pay around 52 percent more for drinking and service water from next year. The fees would then increase from the current EUR 1.10 to EUR 1.68 per cubic meter. At its most recent meeting a few days ago, the works committee of the Zweckverband passed a corresponding resolution. The mayors of the communities of Planegg and Gauting and the managing director of the association, Klaus Krüger, have already approved the planned increase. The enormous increase in water charges, so the tenor in the works committee, was due, among other things, to “the high quality of the water supply”. They want to maintain this quality and also promote the expansion of the network, they say. Reserves in the budget of the Zweckverband, which could reduce the price, are practically no longer available, emphasized Krüger. In addition, there are necessary investments. In the coming years, around 1.6 kilometers of new water pipes and 1.5 kilometers of sewers are to be rehabilitated, some of the pipes are around a hundred years old. The wastewater charges of currently 2.10 euros per cubic meter should not increase.

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