Dozens of “classified” empty pouches found

We are not much further ahead. On Friday, the detailed inventory of documents seized by the FBI from Donald Trump last month was published, in the midst of a legal tussle over the appointment of an independent arbitrator demanded by the former American president. The list provides details on the nature of certain documents but does not provide any information on the most sensitive ones. With one detail: 48 pockets marked as “classified” were empty. Without knowing if Donald Trump took shirts in his boxes with nothing in them or if any documents are missing.

The detailed inventory of documents seized by the FBI from Donald Trump was made public on September 2, 2022. – Jon Elswick/AP/SIPA

It is in a box found in Donald Trump’s office that most of the empty pockets are found. In bulk: 99 front pages and articles from newspapers and magazines, 69 photos of government documents, seven classified documents, 15 “secret”, two “confidential” and seven “top secrets”. And so, 43 empty folders, with the cover page mentioning their “classified” character.

No details on the documents on the “president of France”

The partial list, published last month, mentioned a document with information on “the president of France”, filed in the same box as an executive order commuting the prison sentence of Roger Stone, a close friend of Donald Trump. The detailed inventory specifies that this box contained a total of three documents: one marked with the “secret” classification, and two other unclassified “documents or photos”. At this stage, we do not know which corresponds to the information on the French presidency.

According to two sources of the magazine RollingStone, Donald Trump, fond of gossip, has in the past boasted of having information on the sex life of Emmanuel Macron. However, there is no evidence that this is true or that the document listed in the inventory is linked to it.

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