Doreen Steinert on “Celebrity Big Brother”: For her, food was “connected with panic”

Doreen Steinert on “Celebrity Big Brother”
For her, eating was “connected with panic”

Doreen Steinert (m.) spoke on “Celebrity Big Brother” about the fact that she was anorexic.

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Doreen Steinert told “Celebrity Big Brother” that she was struggling with anorexia. Today she has overcome the disease.

The singer Doreen Steinert (36) has a conversation with her roommates revealed in “Promi Big Brother” in Sat.1 in the broadcast of November 21stthat she suffered from anorexia in her past. She stopped eating properly, “developed a fear of sugar” and became anorexic. A little later, bulimia was added.

That also had an effect on their social contacts at the time. She withdrew more and more, couldn’t go to a restaurant with friends, because Steinert said food was “connected with panic,” she told Tanja Tischewitsch (33), Micaela Schäfer (39) and Katy Karrenbauer (59). The singer had the feeling that she had “scared everyone”.

Victims should seek help

However, Steinert later got help and was able to fight the disease. Her roommates were visibly moved. The 36-year-old is “a very strong woman” for whom Schäfer has great respect. “Of course that does something to you,” said Karrenbauer.

The singer pointed out that anyone who is in despair should get help: “It’s okay if you’re weak sometimes and if you don’t know what to do.”

“Anorexia is a serious and usually very protracted illness that absolutely must be treated,” writes the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) on the website “”. The BZgA lists, among other things, contact points for those affected and their relatives.


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