Don’t let the engine warm up – Auto & Mobil

Letting the car warm up when it is stationary – that can be very expensive. According to ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg, drivers can expect a fine of up to 80 euros if they switch on the engine and then, for example, calmly remove ice and snow from the windows. The aim of the regulation is to avoid noise and exhaust emissions, according to the automobile club. If, on the other hand, the engine is warmed up, it reaches operating temperature faster and consumes less fuel.

Clearing the windows before driving is still mandatory. According to the Road Traffic Act (StVO), drivers are responsible for good visibility. This includes: The front and side windows must be clear. Anyone caught with a peephole in the windshield faces a ten euro fine. According to the ADAC, indicators, rear lights, headlights, license plates, hoods and the car roof must also be cleaned. Neither the following traffic nor your own view should be endangered by falling snow. For environmental reasons, the motorists’ club advises against using chemical de-icers.

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