Donald Trump is afraid of flying killer tomatoes

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“Very dangerous stuff”: Donald Trump is afraid of flying killer tomatoes

Donald Trump, still in the White House Oval Office, considers throwing fruit a potentially lethal attack

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Donald Trump does not give the impression that he is a particularly anxious person. But even the former US President is afraid of one thing.

The Gauls feared the sky would fall on their heads, while Donald Trump feared that flying fruit could end his life. According to court documents, during the 2015/2016 election campaign the former US President was very concerned that demonstrators could throw fruit such as pineapples, tomatoes and bananas at him. These could be “very dangerous” weapons, Trump said under oath in a civil trial in New York. It is therefore appropriate for his security guards to act “aggressively” against demonstrators.

Donald Trump calls tomatoes ‘very dangerous’

Trump made the comments in a videotaped court testimony last October. The trial involved a lawsuit by several activists who said they were attacked in 2015 in front of Trump Tower in Manhattan by security personnel from the then Republican presidential candidate. The plaintiffs said the guards tore down their placards and hit and choked one of the protesters. Trump, in turn, said his security guards “attempted to de-escalate the situation” but were attacked by the plaintiffs themselves.

A lawyer for the plaintiffs asked Trump during interrogation what he said at a campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in February 2016. At the time, the then-presidential candidate asked his supporters: “If you see someone about to throw a tomato, hit them Just get the shit out of him, will you?”

“It was kind of a joke,” Trump now claimed, but then added, “But maybe there’s a little bit of truth to it.” Tomatoes are “very dangerous stuff. You can get killed with these things.” However, the ex-president assured that he had not tried to call on his supporters to use violence against possible disruptors. “I wanted people to be ready because we were warned they were going to throw fruit,” and some fruits are “much worse” than tomatoes.

In 2020, Trump claimed protesters were attacking police with canned soup. “They have cans of soup. Soup. And they throw the cans of soup. That’s better than a brick, because you can’t throw a brick, it’s too heavy. But a can of soup, you can put a lot of energy into it, right?” the president said at a meeting with police leaders after a spate of protests against police violence that included attacks on police officers.

The President argued at the time that if arrested by the police, these soup-carrying “anarchists” would simply claim, “No, this is soup for my family.”

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