Donald Trump denounces Joe Biden’s “incompetence” in Afghanistan

Former Republican President Donald Trump denounced this Saturday the “incompetence” of Joe Biden, whose management of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan “made him look like an idiot”, in a video message recorded for the twentieth anniversary of September 11. After paying tribute to the “courage” of the firefighters, police officers and rescuers who intervened that day, Donald Trump severely criticized the action of his Democratic successor in the White House and the end of America’s longest war, triggered after the Al-Qaeda attacks on September 11, 2001, which left nearly 3,000 dead.

“It is also a sad moment for the way our war against those who have done so much harm to our country ended last week,” he said. “The leader of our country has passed for an idiot. “We will have a hard time recovering from the embarrassment this incompetence has caused,” the billionaire continued in his video.

Expected to comment on a boxing match this Saturday

Regretting the death of 13 soldiers, killed in an attack near Kabul airport in August, Donald Trump denounced the seizure by the Taliban of American military equipment “without a single shot being fired”. “Joe Biden and his incompetent administration have capitulated,” he said.

The Democratic president has been weakened by the chaotic end of the war in Afghanistan, where the Taliban regained power in August. Donald Trump, who does not participate in any of the official commemorations, will comment this Saturday evening on a boxing match between former world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield and Brazilian star of mixed martial arts Vitor Belfort.

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