Dominance with blemishes – sport

The reserve of FC Bayern Munich gives away numerous chances to win against Aschaffenburg. At the end of the comeback of goalkeeper Früchtl, all that remains is a surprising draw that could cost her the lead in the standings.

The little Bavarians were out of the Bayern Regional Football League for around two weeks and have not played a game since the end of August. Not because the corona virus sneaked into the dressing room or because there was no opponent who would have wanted to compete against the league leaders. The Bundesliga reserve found itself in the most unusual position for a fourth division club of having to assign so many players to junior national teams that no match was possible. The difference in quality in the regional league was seldom clearer: young professionals against after-work footballers.

The only blemish from Bayern’s point of view: the result was not reflected in this class difference, at least on Friday evening. After many missed chances, the Munich reserve did not get more than 2-2 against Viktoria Aschaffenburg. FCB could lose the lead in the table to SpVgg Bayreuth. “We have had almost no sessions together recently, which makes it difficult,” said a visibly pissed off Bayern coach Martín Demichelis after the game.

“Too many simple mistakes” would have cost the win, complained coach Martin Demichelis

Bayern were in rhythm at the beginning: Oliver Batista Meier dribbled his way through to the right after two minutes, fooled his opponents and gave the favorite the lead – it was his ninth goal of the season. Even after that, Bayern dominated. Batista Meier with the head (21st), and Torben Rhein (26th) gave the best opportunities. The Lower Franconians rarely made it forward, but when they did it became dangerous. As in the 38th minute, when panic broke out in the Bayern defense after a long throw-in and Elmir Muhic used the confusion to surprisingly equalize.

The second half almost became a decal of the first. Bayern started again furiously and took the lead. This time it was Timo Kern who scored the goal with a nice shot (49th). And again Bayern missed many chances. When the 1200 spectators in the Grünwalder Stadium were only waiting for Bayern’s third goal, Aschaffenburg actually came forward again. After a long ball, Daniel Cheron skillfully prevailed and equalized (83rd). Demichelis complained about “too many simple mistakes” that cost the victory. An unexpected setback for Munich. The game also had a positive aspect from FCB’s point of view: Christian Früchtl, 21, celebrated his comeback in the box. For the highly talented keeper it was the first competitive game since June 2020, followed by a failed loan to Nuremberg and a broken collarbone. He was often unable to distinguish himself, but in terms of football he indicated his class several times. At the beginning of the second half he stormed out, fooled two opponents and brought the pass to the man. But there was applause from Demichelis, who now has an ex-national player more at his disposal: Two years ago, Früchtl was still guarding the goal of the German U20s.


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