Dolphin in front of Travemünde: “Delle” inspires Baltic Sea tourists

Attraction in the Baltic Sea resort
Dolphin watching in Travemünde – “Delle” enchants tourists on the Trave

The dolphin Delle jumps out of the water between ships on the Trave. photo

© Michael Sprengel/dpa

A dolphin has been frolicking in front of Travemünde for more than two weeks. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of big pots. The new attraction on the Trave even has a nickname.

Delle fever in Travemünde: Tourists and locals with large cameras or drawn cell phones are everywhere on the shore of the Baltic Sea resort. Since the dolphin, nicknamed “Delle”, has been showing up again and again in the Baltic Sea resort of Travemünde and causing a stir with great jumps, everyone has a completely different view of the water. The huge ferries, which are otherwise admired on the journey from the mouth of the Trave to the Skandinavienkai, are now particularly interesting from the point of view of whether Delle is making his jumps in front of the bow again.

A spokesman for the water police says on Sunday that the dolphin loves the ships and boats. Delle is perfectly healthy and likes to jump up and down next to them. “He has already accompanied our police boat,” he says. The dolphin finds enough food. “There are enough herring.”

Dolphin as a new attraction in Travemünde

On some days everything is full on the bank, says Michael Sprengel from Hamburg. Everyone wants to see the dolphin. He regularly comes to shore with his wife and has already taken pictures of the dolphin jumping in front of the bow of a ferry. But he still hopes for the perfect jump.

The dolphin has been in Travemünde for over two weeks. A spokesman for the water police said the dolphin had probably followed a swarm of herring and gotten into the Trave.


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