Dog rescued from rubble after days – owner screams with joy

Watch the video: Landslide hits house – dog rescued from rubble after almost a week.

What is happening here right now borders on a miracle. Firefighters rescued a dog from a Seattle home hit by a landslide last Friday. Owner Didi Fritts screamed with joy when the helpers carried the animal out of the rubble. VO Didi Fritts: My baby! My baby! After the landslide destroyed their home, James and Didi Fritts barely made it out of the rubble themselves. After being rescued, the couple assumed a few days ago that their two dogs, Sammy and Lilly, were dead. VO Didi Fritts: I once heard my dog ​​cry. And that was it. That’s it. But on Thursday the miracle happened. The helpers took the four-legged friend extremely carefully out of the house that was in danger of collapsing. Sammy is back with her family now. According to media reports, there is no longer any hope for the dog Lilly.

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