Does the violence have an “impact” on your desire to demonstrate?

The temperature has risen a notch in the processions which oppose the pension reform. The demonstration on Thursday March 23, a few days after the announcement of the use of 49.3 by the government, was peppered with violent scenes which even moved the Council of Europe. Between police violence, committed in particular by the now famous Brav-M, and degradations committed by the thugs, such as the fire at the door of the town hall of Bordeaux, a new stage seems to have been crossed.

Do these scenes dissuade you from going to demonstrate on Tuesday, March 28? Did you fear for your safety or that of your loved ones in the procession last week? Have you witnessed violence, committed by the police or by thugs? Do you regret the escalation of violence around the mobilization? Tell us, your testimony will be used to write an article. Thanks in advance.


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