Does CAF have access to the vaccination status of beneficiaries? No !

“CAF does not have the right to ask you for a Social Security number […]. They automatically have access to your medical file, this confidential file, ”announces a user in a video that has gone viral in recent days on social networks. She even goes further in her accusations: “CAF has the right to oversee. And who is behind CAF? The government. What’s gonna happen? If you are not vaccinated, you will run out of money. “

On Sunday, October 10, by logging into the platform of their cash register, several Internet users realized that the identification mode had been changed. A change which has also generated a bug for which CAF apologized in a press release.

The viral video is circulating in particular on Facebook – Screenshot

In the comments, Facebook users thank the author of the video for warning them. “Soon no vaccines, no allowances! “

The social security number requested by CAF: illegal practice which gives access to the medical information of beneficiaries? 20 minutes make the point.


The CAF explains that the change in identification mode is made for “more simplicity”: “You will now have a single reference for all your procedures: your Social Security number. Like many other public service sites, beneficiaries will also be able to connect through France Connect.

The new method of identification is legal, clarified the CNIL in a tweet : “The use of this number is regulated by law. CAF is authorized to do so ”. And to specify that the use of the social security number is framed “in particular by the Data-processing law and Freedoms”.

But then, can CAF, through this, have access to the medical data of beneficiaries? “This is totally false”, replies the National Family Allowance Fund to 20 minutes. “At no time can we access medical records. Even the site does not have access to it. And, of course, there is no link between vaccines and benefits. »The allocation of aid is subject to other conditions such as income, housing situation and household composition.

Moreover, in addition to the vaccinating doctors, only authorized structures can have access to vaccine data, including certain agents of the Health Insurance, the ANSM (National Medicines Safety Agency) or even the ARS, the latter. can consult them anonymously, explained the CNIL at the launch of the vaccination campaign in December 2020.

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