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Updated: 05/08/2023 – 16:28

Healthy miracle hops
With beer against Alzheimer’s?

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For the benefit! A beer with friends is fun and should also be good for your health!

Around 700,000 people in Germany are affected by the creeping oblivion, and the trend is rising. According to a study, plant extracts could protect against the disease.

This is good news for all beer lovers! A study at the University of Milan-Bicocca has shown that moderate beer consumption can prevent Alzheimer’s. More precisely, the hops in the alcoholic drink are responsible for the positive effect on the brain. In search of substances that can fight the still incurable Alzheimer’s disease, the research team examined hop blossoms more closely. And indeed: Certain components of the plant were able to counteract the clumping of beta-amyloid proteins in the blood vessels in the brain. The researchers assume that the beta-amyloid proteins are related to the disease.

With beer against Alzheimer’s? Hops from Germany did very well

However, the scientists from Italy did not carry out their study with beer, but with certain chemicals that come from the extracts of different hop varieties. The best performers were the Tettnang hops, which come from Germany and are used in lager, light beers, herbal teas and soft drinks.

beer consumption: No more than one glass a day

Its extract was able to protect a special nematode from the paralysis typical of Alzheimer’s. The experts chose this nematode for the tests because its genome is very similar to that of humans. However, the research team emphasizes that the results are not a free pass for higher beer consumption. Because nothing has changed: high beer consumption damages the brain, leads to cognitive impairment and increases the risk of dementia. But how much alcohol is considered safe? According to the Federal Center for Health Education, women should not drink more than one standard glass of alcohol per day, and men should drink two. And at least two days a week you should avoid alcohol completely so as not to get used to itn.


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