Doctors from Lille design a treatment aimed at delaying the death of those affected

Deal. The Lille University Hospital Center has just announced that a team of researchers is exploring “a promising therapy”, a “gamble” whose outcome could change the lives of people affected by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a more serious disease. known as Charcot disease.

Although ALS only affects 500,000 people worldwide, this disease remains much more deadly than other neurodegenerative diseases, killing four people in France every day. ALS attacks the motor neurons that control walking, speaking or breathing. This “results in muscular atrophy and progressive paralysis of patients down to their respiratory functions”, details the Lille University Hospital.

Immediately edifying results

Symptoms which lead “irremediably to death”, of course, but whose effects neurologist and pharmacologist David Devos, from the Lille Neurosciences & Cognition laboratory, and Professor Thierry Burnouf, from the University of Taipei Medicine, hope to delay. Based on the observation that blood platelets had an important role in tissue repair and healing, they said to themselves that it could perhaps work on neurons.

Bingo! During their first tests at the preclinical stage, the researchers and their teams noted “immediately edifying results” and in particular a “130% extension of life expectancy”. The idea now is to make it a treatment for people with Charcot disease in the form of “injection of platelet derivatives into their brain using a pump placed in the abdomen”.

Safety to prove

Except that to get there, researchers will have to prove the safety of the treatment by carrying out toxicological tests and measure the effectiveness in the medium term.

Although these necessary steps can take several years, patients’ expectations are high. Indeed, while the Civil hospices of Lyon estimate survival after the appearance of the first symptoms at three or four years, this duration could increase to between 7 and 9 years thanks to treatment.

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