Do you use the “dark stores” for your shopping? tell us

They are called Cajoo, Gorillas, Dija or even Flink. And operate in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse and Bordeaux. These delivery services are based on a simple principle: offer to deliver at home, in a few minutes, a basket of (basic) groceries chosen online. To meet such deadlines, everything relies on the system of “dark stores”: warehouses in which storekeepers browse the shelves to prepare orders, before handing them over to deliverers.

While online orders have been boosted by the health crisis, this “quick commerce” market (the “dark stores”, therefore) is trying to make its hole in the food market. And seems to seduce more and more.

Are you one of the clients of these “dark stores”? Since when ? Are you satisfied with this new type of consumption? Why did you adopt it? Do you prefer this system rather than doing your everyday shopping yourself? Is it a question of schedules? Tell us !

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