Do you manage to talk about “consent” with your friends or lovers? tell us

In newspapers, on bookstore displays, in
podcasts and on Instagram accounts that breathe new life into sex education (
Orgasm and me,
Club enjoyment,
No Dick Pic Where
Sex and consent etc.). The word “consent” is since the explosion of movements #Metoo or #BalanceTonPorc on everyone’s lips. The concept has also been at the heart of a legal debate leading to the strengthening of the protection of minors against sexual violence. In March, the National Assembly agreed on a threshold of non-consent at 15 years. A threshold raised to 18 years in the event of domestic sexual violence, that is to say of incest.Consent is invited into debates, settles in everyday life right up to your dinner table with friends or in your bedroom.

Are you successful in raising the subject of consent with your friends, family or lovers? Tell us. Explain to us the reactions at the table, at the bar or during your one-to-one meetings. How did you get involved in the question and for what reasons? How did you find your information and how do you approach the subject with your friends or your partner (s)? Explain to us what consent has changed in your approach to sexuality or the other? We want to know everything and understand better!

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