Do you feel concerned by the debates on inheritance rights?

This is one of the subjects that has made its mark in this campaign, in the midst of the health crisis and security issues. The
inheritance tax are a national concern. A few days ago, a poll published in
The echoes indicated that eight out of ten French people wanted tax relief on transfers. France is one of the most confiscatory countries in Europe (in direct line, i.e. between parents and children, it has the highest rate – 45% – and one of the authorized deductions – 100,000 euros – the lowest). But the system is altered by exemption or exemption mechanisms “which very significantly reduce the progressiveness of the tax to the benefit of the largest transmissions”, judges a
Economic Analysis Council report published last month.

All the candidates for the presidential election believe that the system must be reviewed. But how ? To simplify, the suitors of right want that one can give more and more often to his children or grandchildren, without being taxed. Those on the left intend to reduce taxes for smaller inheritances while increasing them for larger inheritances.

And you, what is your opinion? Is this a particularly important topic for you? Are you paying attention to this in this campaign? Did you experience difficult situations when you were confronted with this question of inheritance? Were you surprised by the level of taxation that applied? Do you think taxes should be lowered for everyone? Should inheritances be taxed more for the wealthiest families? Tell us.

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