Djamila Rowe in the “jungle camp” 2023: All information about the jungle queen entertainment

SHE is a welcome guest in the reality landscape: And as a substitute candidate in 2023 too “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” included.

But how did Djamila Rowe become famous? What was her occupation before she became a successful reality star? Does she have a boyfriend?

Read all about Djamila Rowe: How her stay in Australia is going.

Djamila Rowe in the jungle camp

Martin Semmelrogge was prevented from entering Australia. No reason to mourn, because: Djamila Rowe is the replacement candidate for the “Das Boot” actor. Until moving in, she didn’t know who she was playing reserve for.

The lovable Djamila Rowe quickly becomes one of the fan favourites: she gets along with all the “stars” (or as she says: “inmates”!), sits with them Claudia Effenberg (57) and observes today’s reality youth with a smile. And what would Djamila want to treat herself to with the prize money of 100,000 euros? A new fridge!

The reality veteran also shows self-mockery and jokes about her surgeries on day three: “I overdid it with hyaluronic acid,” she reports. “I had cheeks there, you could put a cup on them! They were very intense.” Shortly before she entered the country, Djamila had the beauty doc work on her lips: “It was maybe a bit too much.”

Because: Djamila was very afraid of her mouth when she jumped out of the plane!

Day 4: Djamila Rowe tells Gigi Birofio (23), how she became famous – the alleged ambassador affair. The story awakens the entrepreneurial spirit in Gigi: “Is there a politician that I could take?” Djamila’s expert opinion: “Not so much from the Greens…”

On day 8, Djamila opens up about love: “As far as men are concerned, I’ve become very, very careful.” Djamila also shows her gentle soul in jungle camp beefs: While the other campers prefer to choose sides, Djamila only hopes that the permanent argument between Cecilia Asoro (26) and Tessa Bergmeier (33) finally finds a conclusion.

And then: Crisis among the people accompanying the campers! In the “Versace” hotel, according to Iris Klein (55), there should be a flirt between her husband Peter Klein (63), who accompanied by Lucas Cordalis (55) traveled to Australia, and Yvonne Woelke (41), accompanying Djamila Rowe, must have come.

A tense situation also arises between Lucas Cordalis and Djamila Rowe: When the reality veteran asks the Katzenberger husband to relieve her of the night watch, he refuses. A no-go for Djamila. The next day she addresses the topic in the group, Lucas: “Yesterday I wasn’t strong.” But there are only annoyed looks from the others. Djamila is at the end of her strength, but the mother of two asserts: “I do hope that my daughter is proud to see her mother on television. I’m holding on I do all this for us, so that we can do well.”

The next day, Djamila goes on a treasure hunt with Claudia Effenberg. There are chips for the round for their efforts, but Claudia tells the others a nasty lie: she says the ladies forgot a portion of spaghetti bolognese so that everyone got something to eat. Will the lie still come out?

Cosimo Citiolo (41) and Djamila take an absolute disgust test: “Wall of Shame”, memory with innards. But even before the exam starts, she moves Cosimo to tears: The “Checker vom Neckar” wishes Djamila great love. The reality veteran remains speechless and cries quietly to herself.

Cosimo and Djamila in the jungle test “Wall of Shame”

Photo: RTL / Stefan Thoyah

The jungle test: Cosimo and Djamila have to memorize 16 typical Australia pictures within one minute, then the cards are hidden again. In order to win two stars per round, both must remember which motif is where. If they’re wrong, they’ll be dunked into the tank full of scraps of meat or showered with offal from above. The duo wins two stars.

Emotionally upset about the poor result and at the urging of the moderator Sonja Zietlow, there is a confession after the examination: Djamila confesses the Bolognese lie to Cosimo. He reacts surprisingly calmly and doesn’t tell anyone else. For now…

On day 16, Djamila fought in the semifinals for a place in the final. Before the big decision, the stars had to do it again. They had to face a classic. For the 15th time in the history of the survival event, the challenge was called “Creek of the Stars”.

In the end it was Djamila, trash chav Gigi Birofio (23) and singers Lucas Cordalis (55) made it to the final.


Career of Djamila Rowe

Djamila Rowe was born in the Lichtenberg district of Berlin. Her childhood was by no means idyllic: she grew up with her grandparents, spent time in several children’s homes and experienced a lot of violence. In 1989, the future make-up artist fled the GDR; Two years later, the Berliner earned her living with make-up, modeled and danced on the side.

Djamila Rowe became famous in 2002 for the alleged affair with former Swiss ambassador Thomas Borer. The scandal occupied the press for weeks: Who is the mysterious woman who enters the politician’s limousine in the middle of the night – and leaves two hours later?

Media attention reaches its peak when Djamila Rowe denies the affair with the Swiss! However, the make-up artist uses the limelight skilfully: in 2002, the Berlin boulevard Kurfürstendamm was transformed into a kilometer-long catwalk. Also present: Djamila Rowe in a white dress by “Joop”.

In 2004, the reality TV breakthrough came with participation in the show “Die Alm”, where she reached eighth place. Two years later, Djamila was a guest on “Big Brother”. Other smaller appearances in reality formats followed.

In 2017 and a few beauty interventions later, Djamila Rowe reappeared in the nude format “Adam sucht Eva” and showed how the cosmetic surgeon created them: new breasts, new nose, new lips.

In 2021, Djamila was unable to assert herself in “I’m a Star – The Big Jungle Show” and only just lost the “Golden Ticket” to the (exceptionally) South African bush.

But 2023 could be her year: Djamila Rowe traveled instead of the “Das Boot” actor Martin Semmelrogge to the “jungle camp” where she puts her fearlessness to the test.

Djamila Rowe private

Prior to the career-building non-affair, Djamila Rowe was in a long-term relationship with her son’s father.

From 2004 to 2006, the beauty was engaged to a management consultant, with Ferfried Prince of Hohenzollern († 79) she was in a relationship for a short time in 2006. She is currently single.

Djamila Rowe has two children: her son was born in 1997 and her daughter in 2009.

TV appearances by Djamila Rowe

2023“I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!”
2021“I’m a Star – The Big Jungle Show”
2017“Adam is looking for Eve – Celebrities in Paradise”
2011“Germany’s next celebrity slut – everything for fame!” (Exclusive – the report)
2009“We are families! This is how Germany lives”
2006“Big Brother”
2004“TV Total”
2004“The pasture”

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