District of Munich – Unemployment rate rises to 2.7 percent – District of Munich

The number of unemployed in the district of Munich rose seasonally in January. As of the middle of the month, 5,360 people were registered with the Employment Agency as looking for a job. That is 553 more people than in December and 317 more than in January 2022. The unemployment rate rose by 0.2 points to 2.7 percent compared to December.

In the city of Munich, the increase in unemployment over the same period was even more pronounced. Here, the unemployment rate rose from 4.0 percent in December to 4.4 percent in January. Overall, the rate in the entire district of the Munich Employment Agency is 4.2 percent.

“In January this year, there was only a slight increase in unemployment in our district, fortunately it does not go beyond the normal increase in winter,” analyzes Wilfried Hüntelmann, the chairman of the management of the employment agency, “the increase affects mainly men, mostly in construction trades and outdoors.”

In the Munich district job center, which looks after some of the long-term unemployed, there was a minimal increase of 21 to 2239 people compared to December. Compared to January 2022, however, 387 more people are listed in the file.

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