District of Munich – Ombudsman for youth welfare – District of Munich

There is a new contact point for children, young people and families in the Munich District Office. The so-called ombudsman is intended to offer independent advice and mediation in conflicts related to child and youth welfare. The aim is not to enforce all demands or wishes, but to explain the legal situation and the actions and decisions of the specialists and thus promote mutual understanding.

It has been found that young people or those with custody sometimes face seemingly insurmountable obstacles before they receive the help they need, according to the office. The district office reports that a lack of knowledge about rights, obligations, support options or barriers to access are common reasons for this. These could be questions about whether the child is allowed to have a say, which facility it goes to or what parents do if they are dissatisfied with a decision made by the youth welfare office. The new ombudsman is a model project.

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