District of Munich – Nordallianz plans pedelec rental system – District of Munich

With their own rental bike system and other measures, the eight municipalities of the Northern Alliance want to strengthen cycling and promote climate protection. Garching, Ismaning, Unterföhring, Ober- and Unterschleißheim in the district of Munich and Eching, Hallbergmoos and Neufahrn in the district of Freising have signed a cooperation agreement to advance the cycling infrastructure in the region and thus save around 390 tons of CO₂ per year. The funding project “Climate protection through cycling” is intended to encourage people to leave their cars at home and switch to cycling. The project is supported by a state subsidy program that will cover 75 percent of the calculated investment costs of more than one million euros, as the Northern Alliance writes in a press release.

The core of the project is a system of around 300 rental pedelecs that can be booked at any time via an app. The bikes have exchangeable batteries that can be borrowed and returned at so-called “virtual stations” throughout the Northern Alliance region. According to the alliance, this sharing system makes it possible to sensibly supplement public transport. In addition, the cycle path from Garching to Munich via Dirnismaning is to be expanded and lighting installed for the cycle connection between Hallbergmoos and Neufahrn-Mintraching. The project will be rounded off by various accompanying measures such as the completion of incomplete cycle path signage, the expansion of public cycle repair stations and the conception of a joint cycle map especially for commuters.

The pedelec system is also interesting for local employers, as a preliminary survey by the Northern Alliance has shown: 28 companies have already declared their interest in establishing a publicly accessible station on their property and in making the project known to their employees.

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