District of Munich – Greens call for more investment in geothermal energy – District of Munich

The Greens in the district council are demanding significantly more investment in the expansion of geothermal energy in Bavaria from the Free State. Claudia Köhler from Unterhaching, district councilor and budget expert for her parliamentary group in the state parliament, describes the 7.5 million euros in the state budget for the year 2023 for the promotion of geothermal energy as a “joke”. The examples of Taufkirchen, Unterhaching and Pullach underlined that geothermal energy in particular will be “the regional and sustainable energy and heat source of the future for the district of Munich”. “One thing is certain,” according to Köhler, “that not a single geothermal project can be fully financed with the funds budgeted for in the 2023 state budget.”

Christoph Nadler, leader of the Greens in the district council, is also calling on the state government to act. Even the first drillings or lines are very expensive. “The federal government jumps to the side of the communities here and makes an important contribution to the financing with a 60 percent subsidy.” According to Nadler, the Free State should assume the remaining costs, but instead the coalition of CSU and Free Voters would only deliver “peanuts”. “In Bavaria and in the district of Munich we now need the heat transition,” said the Taufkirchner. “Geothermal energy is our great opportunity.”

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