District of Munich demands state money for state tasks – District of Munich

At the latest when the budget is being discussed, the topic of job financing is regularly raised and causes displeasure among the district councillors: the district of Munich pays salaries of around 15 million euros a year just for state tasks that are delegated to the districts and not financed by the Free State. The local politicians agree that this cannot go on like this and have now again addressed the demand in the form of a resolution to the federal and state governments to ensure the financing of the positions for state tasks in the district office. However, opinions in the finance committee differed greatly as to whether this requirement is appropriate at this point in time.

It is clear that in the coming year a significant expansion of the tasks in state responsibility can be expected. Additional staff is needed to handle the work, especially in the areas of foreigner and asylum matters, benefit processing, economic aid and in the job center. The district of Munich assumes that more than one million euros will be needed annually for mandatory government tasks. “Especially in times of crisis with uncertain economic development and great concerns about energy supply, price increases and social cohesion, our district needs planning security. The resulting deficit for the fulfillment of tasks must be paid for by the district levy by the municipalities and thus severely restricts the effectiveness of the municipalities, “says it in the resolution.

District Administrator Christoph Göbel (CSU) is particularly unhappy with the term “Resolution”. He doesn’t like it at all. “If so, then we’ll decide on a claim,” he said and, like eight committee members, would have liked to postpone the matter until the district council meeting, but failed because of the vote of the nine other district councillors. The government of Upper Bavaria had just promised to transfer at least ten of the 80 state health departments that were created temporarily during the pandemic to the area of ​​immigration law and integration. “We have an extraordinary situation, 180 Ukrainians are currently coming to us every day,” said Göbel. He therefore assessed the government’s commitment positively, although he pointed out that he could not simply transfer the staff. “The employees have to agree to this,” the district administrator clarified.

While Susanna Millennium (Greens) is convinced that now is the right time to ask for job funding at a higher level, Ernst Weidenbusch (CSU) sees this critically and said: “I find it a bit weird when we have the offer. “

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