District court declares AfD state election list for Saarbrücken to be invalid

The regional court has decided: The state election list of the AfD for the constituency of Saarbrücken is invalid. The court has asked the AfD either not to submit the list to the district election control or, if that has already happened, to withdraw it.

For the AfD, the verdict is a blast. If she does not actually run in the Saarbrücken constituency, it will be difficult to jump the five percent hurdle in the state election. There is no longer enough time to draw up a new list because deadlines are running out.

Two reasons for ineffectiveness

“It is not possible for the AFD to draw up a new, valid list”

Audio [SR 3, Studiogespräch: Simin Sadeghi / Christoph Grabenheinreich, 13.01.2022, Länge: 03:09 Min.]

“It is not possible for the AFD to draw up a new, valid list”

At least two reasons made the list ineffective. The responsible judge refers to a not yet legally binding judgment of the regional court from December last year, according to which the current party executive was not effectively elected.

Thus, all measures initiated by him are also ineffective. This also applies to the invitation to the election of the list for Saarbrücken, which was made by the board.

In addition, nine party members who were not effectively admitted to the AfD had voted in the election. Since the winner of the election was only two votes ahead of the second-placed plaintiff, that could have been decisive for the election.

Schaufert announces his appointment

The deputy party leader of the Saar-AfD, Christoph Schaufert, speaks of a disaster and announces an appeal against the judgment.

The plaintiff, parliamentary group leader Dörr, rejoices. The court had enforced the law with a clear and very clear judgment. The federal election committee has the final say on the approval of the list.

In the Saar-AfD, the camps around Josef Dörr on the one hand and Christian Wirth and Christoph Schaufert on the other are in a clinch because of the party leader post.

The SR radio news reported on this topic on January 13th, 2022.

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