District administrators criticize new responsibilities for refugees – Bavaria

The Franconian district administrators have criticized the decision by the federal and state governments that war refugees will soon receive basic security and will no longer be treated according to the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act. The Lichtenfels district office announced after the joint meeting of the three Franconian district associations in the district assembly at Kloster Banz that there were considerable problems with the regulations that came into effect on June 1st. According to the Lichtenfels district administrator Christian Meißner (CSU), the districts will no longer be able to accommodate refugees under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act. For refugees, this means in concrete terms that they are homeless after their arrival and that cities, markets and municipalities are responsible for housing them in homeless shelters. “That can’t be wanted. Even in the second crisis, the decisions from Berlin are anything but understandable,” he said.

At the beginning of April, the federal and state governments decided that war refugees would receive basic security benefits such as Hartz IV recipients from June. The Bavarian district association had also criticized this change. The district administrators also fear problems for the job center, which will become the contact point for refugees: they could only transfer money, said the district administrator for the Rhön-Grabfeld district, Thomas Habermann (CSU). Refugees initially have no bank account and no social security number. It usually takes four to six weeks to apply for them, and the refugees do not receive any benefits until then. The Franconian district administrators are also critical of the fact that from next Monday Ukrainian refugees are to be reported using the “Free” software – unfortunately this has not yet been done in a single district office in all of Franconia, it said.

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