Disruptors insult Ricarda Lang after political Ash Wednesday – Politics

Dozens of disruptors hindered the departure of Green Party federal chairwoman Ricarda Lang after a political Ash Wednesday event in Schorndorf. According to a dpa reporter, the politician was booed late on Wednesday evening and received, among other things, shouts of “Get off” and “Ugh.” She also had to endure harsher insults.

The troublemakers pursued Lang and her bodyguards for around 50 meters until they were stopped by police officers. The mood in the city east of Stuttgart had already been tense. Several farmers had demonstrated with tractors near the venue. One of them later also spoke at the Greens event. According to a police spokesman, around 90 to 100 people were waiting in front of the hall in which the Rems-Murr district association’s political Ash Wednesday took place after the event ended.

A nearby intersection was also blocked by trucks, among others. The police assumed there were 30 to 35 vehicles at the peak. The police spokesman said on Thursday night that the protests began as a spontaneous demonstration and were then registered on site. Further details were initially not known.

The Greens had previously canceled their political Ash Wednesday event in Biberach, Baden-Württemberg, for security reasons. In addition to Lang, Federal Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir, Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann and Jürgen Trittin also wanted to take part. The move was preceded by massive protests and blockades by farmers, among others. According to its own information, the state farmers’ association in Baden-Württemberg did not call for the protests or support them beforehand.

Before the incident, the Green Party leader had also made the cancellation in Biberach an issue in Schorndorf – and criticized the incidents: “Actually, it is not normal that political events can only take place with a large police presence. It is not normal that they Windows of company cars are smashed,” she said. It is also not normal for political events to have to be canceled due to a lack of security. “This is a situation that we must never get used to in a democracy.”

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