Dismantling of a vast trafficking in opiates intended for unaccompanied minors

Their target: unaccompanied minors, kids addicted to opiates or drug addicts. Their main customers: resellers. Five men from the Lyon region were jailed and jailed, revealed The Parisian. They are suspected of having set up a major drug trade.

Thanks to false prescriptions, they managed to obtain free boxes of Rivotril or Lyrica which they then sold in Lyon and Grenoble to dealers, mainly pimps of unaccompanied minors. Children or adolescents were sometimes forced to “commit crimes for a few fees”, indicates to the Parisian a source close to the file.

Very well organized, the members of the network went to stock up in the Netherlands or in Belgium, when they had made the rounds of French pharmacies. Investigators had been tracking them for two years. They arrested them Tuesday morning. Eight people were arrested, including the five suspects indicted. Hundreds of pills, boxes of psychotropic drugs and fake prescriptions were discovered during the searches.

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