Diseased thyroid gland: Cardiac arrhythmias and heart attack threaten

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The small endocrine gland influences our entire body. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism even promote heart failure.

Our heart is an important target organ for thyroid hormones, because they regulate heart strength, heart rate and circulating blood volume. Therefore have one hypothyroidism and a –hyperfunction also always effects on the cardiovascular system. Conversely, with all diseases of the cardiovascular system, a possible connection with the thyroid should always be considered German Thyroid Center.

What is striking: in younger patients, the symptoms of the cardiovascular system, such as tachycardia and altered pulse, due to an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) or an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), are more pronounced than in older people.

Thyroid has an influence on possible heart diseases

Thyroid hormones affect human metabolism and affect the heart and blood pressure. (Iconic image) © Science Photo Library/Imago

In Germany, around five out of 100 people suffer from an underactive thyroid gland and around one out of 100 people have an overactive thyroid gland. Women and the elderly are particularly affected. In about one in 3400 newborns congenital hypothyroidism. In addition, an enlargement of the thyroid gland – the so-called stroma – is associated with the underactive or overactive thyroid gland. At least 25 percent of the German population develop goiter.

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The thyroid produces important hormones that affect the body’s metabolism. Iodine in particular is required as a raw material for the production of the thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). Without iodine, the hormones cannot be formed and the thyroid gland can become underactive or overactive with consequences.

Research shows that among others typical signs of hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism) the following accompanying symptoms of the cardiovascular system also occur:

One Overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) is next to the typical signs often accompanied by the following symptoms of the cardiovascular system:

  • cardiac arrhythmias
  • tachycardia (accelerated heart rhythm)
  • restlessness / tremors

Experts now know that patients with an existing heart condition such as coronary artery disease (CHD) or who have had a heart attack are particularly susceptible to thyroid dysfunction. An additional hyperthyroidism can have a very negative effect, especially in patients with atrial fibrillation of the heart. Therefore, patients should be treated early for thyroid dysfunction.

Cardiac arrhythmias and their consequences are considered to be the most common cardiac problems, especially in connection with hyperthyroidism.

Thyroid: Malfunction can lead to heart attack

It is also known that both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can lead to the development of high blood pressure can favor. Even a slight hypofunction of the thyroid gland (subclinical hypothyroidism) can heart failure entail. Especially women over the age of 62 would have an increased risk of one in this context Heart attack and therefore a higher mortality rate compared to patients with normal thyroid function. This is the result of a Dutch studywhich studied 1,149 women ranging in age from 62 to 76 years.

Complications from a thyroid malfunction can in the long term also be arteriosclerosis and therefore an increased risk of stroke, as another study showed.

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