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On this Saturday of October 7, 2023, the Loto draw once again kept its promises of excitement and suspense. Let’s discover together the tempting results of the latest draw and why it would be wise to try your luck today for an exceptional jackpot of 10 million euros. You will be able to find the results of today’s Loto draw from 9:00 p.m.

📣 Update from 07/10/2023 at 8:40 p.m.: the jackpot of 10 million euros has not been won
The exceptional jackpot of 10 million euros has not yet been won during this draw on Saturday October 7. The winning numbers are revealed and despite everything, several hundred thousand players have won at least one win, have you had the chance to draw at least 2 correct numbers or the Chance number to win a prize? From Monday, the amount of the prize pool will rise to 11 million euros.

The last drawing, which took place last Wednesday, did not crown a new millionaire. The winning numbers were 21, 26, 27, 31, 40 and the Lucky number 1. Despite the absence of winners in rank n°1 and n°2, the smile still lit up the faces of ten lucky participants in the raffle, having pocketed €20,000 each. In addition, the secondary draw saw a winning combination which allowed a player to walk away with €141,586. Substantial gains which, if not changing a life, will significantly improve the daily lives of the lucky ones.

That being said, the evening of this Saturday, October 7 announces itself particularly thrilling with a jackpot of 10 million euros at stake, a titanic amount rarely reached in the history of drawing games. With such a sum, the wildest dreams suddenly become achievable. And if luck doesn’t knock on your door tonight, don’t despair.

📣THE Friday the 13th Super Lotto is fast approaching with, at stake, a minimum jackpot of 13 million euros. So many reasons to repeat the experience and try your luck. After all, fortune favors the bold. So, without further ado, prepare your grids and let Lady Fortune do the rest !

Play a Loto grid online in less than 5 minutes

To participate in the Loto draw this Saturday October 7, 2023we guide you step by step ⤵️

🔷 First of allif you have not yet registered, go to Once the registration process is completed, which is simple and free, the world of FDJ lotteries and scratch games will open to you. To register on the website, make sure you are over 18 years old and reside in France, whether in mainland France or in the overseas territories.

🔷 Afterwardsnavigate to the section “Loto” on or on the FDJ mobile application. Facing the grid, all you need to do is select 5 numbers as well as a Chance number to place a simple bet of €2.20. Additional options are also available: multiple Loto grids (selection of up to 9 numbers) or acquisition of a share of the Multichances pack.

🔷 Add some spice to your game! Integrate the option 2nd draw to aspire to a gain of €100,000 maximum. You can also link your Loto game to the Joker+ draw, which offers a colossal jackpot of €500,000.

🔷 Lack of funds in your account? Do not panic ! In just a few clicks, top up your account with the desired amount (from €5), via bank card (Visa or Mastercard).

🔔 Pay attention to the schedules! Whether online on, where we recommend you play for its ease and flexibility, or in your favorite bar/newsagent, you have up to 8:15 p.m. to validate your grid this Saturday.

🎁Icing on the cake for novices: By entering the promo code DRAWG When you register, benefit from €5 credited to your player account. This offer is reserved exclusively for our dear readers using this FDJ promo code.

Loto predictions for this Saturday, October 7: the numbers to play

THE Loto prediction for this Wednesday, October 4, 2023 is the result of a meticulous analysis based on statistics accumulated since 2008thus representing a substantial database encompassing several hundred different prints. These valuable and revealing data provide a solid foundation for making informed, although not infallible, predictions. It should be noted that the use of Loto statistics offers undeniable advantages in anticipating the combinations of numbers likely to come out. However, it is imperative to understand that the Loto remains a game of chance and that, therefore, the limits of statistical predictions are inevitable.

For this evening’s draw, our specific predictions, based on sophisticated algorithms and various factors, suggest the following combination: 39, 19, 25, 8, 18, 42, 14, 34, 47, 30, 21 with Chance numbers 8, 6, 2. In addition, some numbers are particularly anticipated, because they haven’t been drawn for a while. Conversely, other numbers, drawn more recently, are less anticipated for this draw.

Thus, we voluntarily offer a wider spectrum of numbers than a classic grid, thus facilitating the player decision makingparticularly useful if you are unsure about certain numbers to play.

Prediction🔥 Expected Numbers❄️ Less Expected Numbers
39, 19, 25, 8, 18, 42, 14, 34, 47, 30, 21 (Luck: 8, 6, 2)38, 12, 18, 24, 22, 8, 34, 9, 39, 20, 45 (Odd: 2, 9, 5)27, 26, 31, 40, 21, 6, 3, 15, 17, 33, 23 (Chance: 1, 3, 4)

Legend: The table details our editorial team’s predictions, the most anticipated and least expected numbers for the Loto draw for this Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

Online Loto draw results from 8:50 p.m.

The wait between submitting your grid and announcing the Lotto result can often be grueling and suspenseful. However, the long-awaited moment is fast approaching! THE Loto results for today’s draw, this Saturday October 7, 2023, will be revealed precisely at 8:50 p.m. At this precise moment, each participant will be able to discover the entirety and live of the main draw winning combinationthat of the second draw, as well as the list of ten Loto raffle codes, all accessible free of charge.

This today’s draw is all the more thrilling with 10 million euros which sit at the top of the jackpot. Without forgetting the jackpot for the 2nd draw estimated at €100,000 and the ten codes which will guarantee ten lucky people the sum of €20,000 each. And if fortune doesn’t wink at you with the jackpot, know that eight other intermediate ranks are there to help you win significant winnings, with prizes starting from 2 correct numbers found or the correct Chance number, ranging between €2.20 and tens of thousands of euros.

To help you verify your grid and your possible winnings, do not hesitate to use our verification tool available and free here. For those lucky enough to win, you have 60 days to claim your winnings. For amounts less than €300, payment can be made in cash at a point of sale, while larger winnings require a visit to a payment center or contact with FDJ customer service.

Sometimes it can take a few extra minutes to confirm whether or not the jackpot has been awarded, usually until 9:05 p.m. with the winnings report published.

Here is the detailed schedule of times for this evening’s Loto draw ⤵️

Key SchedulesEvents
8:15 p.m.End of validation of Loto games
8:20 p.m.Registration of winning numbers under the supervision of a bailiff
8:25 p.m.Electronic draw of the ten winning codes of the raffle
8:40 p.m.Recording of the TF1 show Loto
9:00 p.m.Broadcast of the results on TF1 and on

Take a deep breath, cross your fingers, and good luck everyone!

FAQ: frequently asked questions about Loto FDJ

What is the jackpot in progress today in the Loto?

The current jackpot for the Loto draw this Saturday, October 7, 2023 is 10 million euros.

What are the maximum times to play a Loto grid?

Players can validate their grids until 8:15 p.m. for the Loto draw this evening. Online or at point of sale, the Loto draws for this Saturday, October 7 can be registered until 8:15 p.m.

How to play Loto tonight?

You can play online on or via the FDJ mobile application, or at an approved point of sale such as a bar/tabacac. Choose 5 numbers and a Chance number to make up your grid. You can play a simple grid at €2.20 or opt for multiple formulas or Multichances packs.

What numbers should you play this evening in Loto?

We cannot predict winning numbers, but predictions based on statistics and algorithms are offered. The editorial predictions for this evening are the numbers 39, 19, 25, 8, 18, 42, 14, 34, 47, 30, 21 with the Chance numbers 8, 6, 2.

From what time will the Loto results be posted online?

The results of the Loto draw will be available online from 8:50 p.m., with the winning combination of the main draw, the second draw, and the list of Loto raffle codes.

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