Dirt eraser against light stains: it’s that fast

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Dirt Eraser: Tips for optimal stain removal

Walls and shoes, among other things, can be cleaned again with a dirt eraser

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Dirt erasers are a real insider tip in the household. What they can do, what they are not suitable for and what you should consider when using them.

Helpful tools and gadgets have become indispensable in the household. Whether it’s a window vacuum, a robotic wiper or a dirt eraser: These tools make cleaning easier. Here we will tell you what dirt erasers are suitable for and what you should consider when using them.

What is a dirt eraser?

A dirt eraser is an open-pored sponge. It usually consists of melamine resin. This is foamed and brought into the form of a sponge, similar to a large eraser. If you use it and walk over surfaces with it, it gradually rubs off – just like an eraser. The falling resin particles can be wiped up with a damp cloth and disposed of.

What can I use dirt erasers for?

Of the dirt eraser works without any harmful ingredients. Before you use it, you should moisten it with clear water. Then you can use it like a sponge that just rubs off with use. With the little all-rounder you can basically go over all surfaces that you want to clean. It is best if they are hard and not too sensitive. The practical household helper is particularly suitable for the following types of soiling.

Tips for using the magic sponge

  • crayons: Anyone who has children at home will certainly know this: If you don’t look, the little ones have been painting walls or tables with wax crayons or waterproof pens. A miracle sponge can help here and removes scribbles in no time at all.
  • Shoe soles: The helpers are also practical for sneakers or trainers with white rubber soles: Carefully go over the sole with the dirt eraser until the discolouration has disappeared. In a few minutes, the shoes will look like new again.
  • window frame: Discolored plastic window frames can also be removed with a dirt eraser treat. The great thing: It doesn’t require harsh chemicals or great effort – just a little patience when erasing dirt.
  • urine stone: Tiles and fittings as well as urine scale in the toilet or yellow discolored joints are other areas of application for the everyday helper. With the sponge, these surfaces become sparkling clean again.
  • Gum tracks: You can also get unsightly rubber marks on the floor under control. Simply rub over the streaks until they can no longer be seen.
  • A magic sponge can also help with other types of dirt, such as adhesive residue or dirty leather.

What should I rather not use dirt erasers for?

Especially in the kitchen, you should make sure that the falling resin particles can be completely removed. Scrub the oven with a dirt eraser if that works. However, this is not guaranteed with a cutting board with many notches and grooves. The abrasion can possibly settle there and possibly get to the food. It is best to avoid this.

You should also be careful on softer surfaces such as a sofa or carpet. The miracle sponge is not so effective here and can also rub off the paint – this also applies to colored walls or colorful wallpaper. In addition, soft surfaces can be roughened by using the household helper. Also be careful with painted surfaces: these can become dull if treated with a dirt eraser. If the sponge soaks up water, it almost looks like sandpaper. In the case of sensitive surfaces, it is better to test one spot before removing the stain.

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