DIRECT. The XV of France outclasses Italy and reaches the semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup

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Saturday, October 29, 2022


three tries (Grise, 3′, 68′, 71′, penalty try, Touyé, 66′),
three conversions (Drouin, 4′, 65′, Queyroi, 71′)

three penalties (Drouin, 40′, 50′, 66′)

a penalty (Sillari, 38′)

🟨 yellow cards: Magatti (40′), Turani (62′)

Saturday, October 29, 2022


Gaëlle Hermet, captain of the Bleues, at the microphone of TF1

We are super happy. We had an accomplished game. We had a first half against the wind, then we were able to let go of the horses. We had fun on the field, like the tests and the smiles. We achieved our goal by qualifying for the semi-finals, but we don’t want to stop there.


It’s finish !

France qualifies for the semi-finals of the World Cup! This success took time to take shape, but the essential is there: qualification. Les Bleues will face Canada or Wales.


🏉 Oh the triple for Grisez!!!

71′: the Blues unroll. Queyroi, in the middle of the field, passes his arms for N’Diaye. The game continues. Grisez is served at the end of the line. With a defender on her back, the winger manages to score her third try in the game. It is transformed by Queyroi: 39-3!


🏉 The Blues fly away!

68′: in their 5 m, the Italians clear their camp. But the kick is missed. On the recovery, the Tricolors are projecting quickly. The ball is pushed wide. Grisez scores a brace at the end of the line. It is not transformed: 32-3!


🏉 Les Bleues triple the bet!!!

66′: the Habs get a touch 10 m from the Italian in-goal. They trigger a maul. It progresses and ends in the in-goal. The try is scored by the replacement hooker, Touyé. It is transformed by Drouin: 27-3!


🏉 The French find the key!!!

62′: the referee grants a penalty try to the Blues after a huge push from them in scrum, under the posts. The left prop Turani receives a yellow card for this action.


Les Bleues miss the mark

61′: in the Italian 22 m, the French multiply the playing time. They finally find the solution on the small side. Drouin gives to Boulard who flattens. The test is finally refused, after calling for the video, for a blue forward before the action. This is the second try denied on video for the Habs today.


Les Bleues waste ammunition

55′: the French, a few centimeters from the Italian goal line, are very close to scoring their second try of the game. But they lose the ball after a scratch.


France takes off

50′: Les Bleues obtain a new penalty following a scrum, one of their strong points today. They choose to take the points. In the 22 m, Drouin adds three points: 13 – 3!


Try refused for the Blues

48′ : following a scrum, Ecudero, the number 8, leaves to challenge the defense. She beats three defenders then ends up in the in-goal. But she commits a forward when flattening. It is denied to the video. Definitely…


Oh the failure of the Blues…

47′: the French had a surplus on the outside, in the Italian 22 m. But Drouin then Filopon plays the personal card when the test seemed done on the wing…


Les Bleues accelerate

44′: the French settle in the Italian 22m. They have a scrum on the 5m after Rigoni, under pressure, flattened in his in-goal.


41′: Rigoni hits the kickoff directly into touch. Scrum for the Blues in the middle of the field.


It’s time for the second half!


Les Bleues add three points before half-time!

40′: after the yellow card, the French choose to take the points. In the 22m, on the left side, Drouin adds three points for Les Bleues: 10-3!


🟨 Magatti excluded 10 minutes

43′: the Italian winger is penalized for a cynical foul in her 22m.


Italians open their counter

38′ : at the entrance of their 22 m, the Blue blame themselves. Fall is penalized for an offside position. The Sillari center, facing the poles, succeeds in her kick: 7-3!


Another opportunity wasted by the Blues

34′ : Grisez serves Drouin perfectly in space which progresses from 40 m ball in hand. The French enter the Italian 22m. The game bounces off. Grisez is served in his right lane. But the winger is well tackled and does not drop the ball on the ground. She is penalized. That’s a shame…


The Imprecise Blues

32′: the French offer play in the Italian camp. But the hooker Sochat leaves alone after a ruck. Without support and facing three Italians, she lost the ball on the ground.


Les Bleues very organized

24′: the French, in defense, put pressure on the Transalpines. Filopon, still as efficient, took advantage of a poor Italian transmission to recover a penalty on the ground, on the center line.


The blue defense at the rendezvous

22′: for the first time in the match, the Italians have an attack within 22m of the French. They defend perfectly. They recover a scrum after a knock-on.


❌Failure of Drouin

19′: the Italian Sillari is at fault on the tackle. At 35 m, facing the poles, the Blue choose to take the points. But number 10 Drouin misses her kick.


Les Bleues miss the mark

16′: the French enter the Italian 22m and progress. The game is fluid. But Céline Ferer, the second line, is sanctioned. In support, she dives. It’s a shame, it was a great opportunity to take off.


The Italians without a solution

13′: the Blue defense puts the Italians under pressure. The latter get rid of the ball a lot at the foot. The French have recovery balloons but sin in the last gesture to find the fault.


The stat

10′: the Blues largely dominate the territorial occupation. They have remained 94% of the time in the Italian camp since the start of the match.


The Blues on the offensive

9′: Since the start of the match, the Habs have remained in the Italian camp and put their opponents under pressure. They want to take off quickly.


🏉 What a start to the game for Les Bleues!

3 ‘: the French enter perfectly in this quarter. The French rear Boulard recovers the ball in his camp. It finds the interval on the outside. She plays perfectly two against one against the last Italian defender and serves Grisez who scores the first try of the match. It is transformed by Drouin: 7-0!


Caroline Drouin kicks off this quarter-final! Let’s go !


It’s the turn of the Italians to sing their anthem, Fratelli d’Italia.


Les Bleues sing the Marseillaise.


The two teams make their debut on the lawn, in Whangarei!


The composition of Italy

Ostuni Minuzzi – Muzzo, Sillari, Rigoni, Magatti – (o) Madia, (m) Stefan – Locatelli, Giordano (cap.), Sgorbini – Duca, Fedrighi – Gai, Bettoni, Turani

Substitutes: Vecchini, Maris, Seye, Merlo, Veronese, Barattini, D’Incà, Furlan.


Les Bleues have arrived safely at the stadium


The composition of the Blues

Boulard – Grisez, Filopon, Vernier, M. Ménager – (o) Drouin, (m) Bourdon – Mayans, Escudero, Hermet (cap.) – Fall, Ferer – Joyeux, Sochat, Deshaye

Replacements: Touyé, Lindelauf, Khalfaoui, N’Diaye, Gros, Chambon, Queyroi, Jacquet.


Les Bleues will kick off!


🏉 Hello everyone and welcome to this live to follow the quarter-final of the World Cup between the XV of France women and Italy! Kick-off will be at 5:30 a.m. in Whangarei, New Zealand.

We meet once again. The Women’s XV of France challenges Italy in the quarter-finals of the Rugby World Cup this Saturday in Whangarei, the fourth meeting between the two teams this year.

If the Blues are favorites – number four in the world, they had crushed Italy during the 6 Nations 2022 (39-6) -, however, they remain on a bitter failure against this transalpine team: in September, during the second and last match preparation, the Italians had beaten, to everyone’s surprise, the Tricolors (26-19).

“We necessarily think about it because when we played against them the last time, we lost, but it’s not so much a revenge but (to show) that we have rebuilt ourselves since the three group matches”explained the second line Céline Ferer in a press conference.

A progressing Italy

Les Bleues, who dream of a very first world title after winning six bronze medals in eight editions, know their opponent of the day almost by heart. This Squadra Azzurra is in constant progression: for example, it had beaten Scotland (20-13) and Wales (8-10) in the last Tournament and finished fifth, a competition that the Italians usually finish with the wooden spoon. . They are playing their very first planetary quarter-final there.

To get rid of it, Thomas Darracq renewed his fifteen typewith Madoussou Fall on the second line, captain Gaëlle Hermet on the third line and winger Joanna Grisez.

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The compositions

XV of France: Boulard – Grisez, Filopon, Vernier, M. Ménager – (o) Drouin, (m) Bourdon – Mayans, Escudero, Hermet (cap.) – Fall, Ferer – Joyeux, Sochat, Deshaye

Replacements: Touyé, Lindelauf, Khalfaoui, N’Diaye, Gros, Chambon, Queyroi, Jacquet.

XV of Italy: Ostuni Minuzzi – Muzzo, Sillari, Rigoni, Magatti – (o) Madia, (m) Stefan – Locatelli, Giordano (cap.), Sgorbini – Duca, Fedrighi – Gai, Bettoni, Turani

Substitutes: Vecchini, Maris, Seye, Merlo, Veronese, Barattini, D’Incà, Furlan.

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