difficult discussions on the left on an agreement in the legislative elections

Jean-Luc Mélenchon dreams of being Prime Minister and rebellious France hopes to set up an “intergroup” in the National Assembly with its left-wing partners after the legislative elections. But if the meetings and the discussions are linked, the stumbling blocks are still numerous between the formations, according to the confidences that we have collected from the participants.

The idea is to agree with a view to forming a common front in the legislative elections and, if necessary, an “intergroup” in the National Assembly. Negotiations continue in any case on the left for an agreement in view of the legislative elections. But, for the moment, the echoes we have collected reveal more dissonances and difficulties than milestones towards a pact.

Thus Sunday evening, if the Insoumis said they were confident about the conclusion of a common roadmap with Europe Ecology – The Greens, they did not hide, however, being “more worried” with regard to the Communists. And the feedback from the interlocutors of rebellious France paints an even darker picture of the state of the discussions.

Environmental bitterness

In the wake of the second round of the presidential election, a framework of the rebellious also tempered with us the enthusiasm of his own political family towards the ecologists, explaining: “Depending on who we have on the phone, we have a speech very different. When you are in front of Julien Bayou, he says ‘OK’ on the points of the program like civil disobedience, and when you meet someone else, like Eva Sas, she says that there is no agree on the program, and that it is not Julien Bayou who decides that”.

“The last proposal we made to them is 25% more than the proportional results of the presidential election. They have the possibility of having a group, we are just asking for a common intergroup”, still poses the same source, continuing: “We even proposed the banner ‘New Popular Union’ and we are thinking about adding ‘ecology’ because it is an important concept for us in our program. We are not asking them to dissolve and dilute”.

“They are in a situation of absorption”, however castigates an environmentalist figure that we have solicited. This framework even closes the ban: “The Insoumis are lying to you. I don’t see how there could be an agreement, how it could be unblocked. I think it’s dead”. And the activist EELV to list the lack of agreement at the electoral level for the moment, the lack of agreement around “geopolitical questions”, the differences around the will of the Insoumis to be able to derogate from the European treaties if necessary. “The only thing they are able to move on is nuclear,” he admits, however, before promising: “There will be no submission from us. Never in life. It’s been 40 years that we fight against that at the PS”.

However, several lines coexist within EELV, some appearing more inclined to forge an alliance with rebellious France.

The communists do not want to let go of constituencies

If we now turn to the discussions undertaken between rebels and communists, things still seem very confused at this stage. Certainly, on the side of the first, we assure: “There is no desire to impose our program as I see it everywhere. All the subjects are going well, and when things get stuck we try to make sure we move forward “. “But they are moving forward, they are moving back, they are moving forward, they are moving back”, we lament, however.

“Today, there is still too much uncertainty to say whether the Communists will accept the agreement or slam the door,” retorts from a distance to BFMTV, a member of the PCF participating in these negotiations.

While the representatives of the two formations were to meet this Monday evening from 7 p.m., he noted a main stumbling block: the number of constituencies to be allocated to each other. “What they offered us last week was not respectful,” said the Communist, before explaining: “40 constituencies for the Communists does not seem acceptable to us, we are asking for more constituencies”. “There is also the qualitative side”, regretted the same man. Understood: there are constituencies more winnable than others.

The talks only engage with the PS

Finally, there is a third front. While they were thought to be definitively excluded from these negotiations on the left by the will of the rebellious, the Socialists were finally able to make a small place for themselves. Moreover, as BFMTV revealed this Monday afternoon, a first meeting will take place between the Socialist Party and insubordinate France on Wednesday morning.

Relations began to calm down from last Tuesday and the vote of the National Bureau of the PS which declared itself in favor of a rapprochement with rebellious France. A relative appeasement which was followed, so far, neither by effect nor by talks.

According to our information, it is an initiative of Olivier Faure, first secretary of the PS, which made it possible to trigger this first settling of the situation. On set with the rebellious MEP, Manuel Bompard, during the election evening organized for the second round of the presidential election, the deputy elected in Seine-et-Marne conceded that he was open to joint programmatic negotiations. A condition sine qua non for the rebellious. Sufficient to open, finally, the negotiations, but far from closing them. Again, the hardest part begins.

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