Did Bishop Ackermann indirectly break the seal of confession? – Politics

Did Stephan Ackermann indirectly break the seal of confession when he revealed the pseudonym of an affected person? The Bishop of Trier has therefore now been reported to the Pope, and there is also a risk of further adversity.


Annette Zoch

Bishop Stephan Ackermann is wrapped in bubble wrap at the top of the cupboard. “I don’t know why I still have it either,” says Karin Weißenfels, slowly descending the stepladder with the picture in her hand. “There it hung,” she points to an empty nail on the wall and unwraps the photo printed on canvas. “I just couldn’t see it anymore.” The picture shows the bishop of Trier in a church. One of the people in the group picture is Karin Weißenfels. “For too long I didn’t want to admit that he doesn’t care about me at all.”

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