Destruction of the large chimney of the Fischer brewery which threatened to collapse

Decidedly, the city of Brewers is experiencing a bad patch. One of the heritage symbols of Schiltigheim, a municipality bordering Strasbourg, is being destroyed. It is the 39 meter high chimney of the old Fischer brewery, which towered over the city, was a marker of industrial and brewing history and visible to thousands of motorists from the highway.

The firefighters were indeed called Tuesday shortly after 4 p.m. because the chimney sank two meters, threatening to collapse, indicates a report from the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service of Bas-Rhin (SDIS 67).

A security perimeter has been established. The rescue unit had to intervene as the police cut off traffic around the site. A building, a nursery and a convenience store were also evacuated. The inhabitants were housed in the Malteries gymnasium. A total of 60 people had to leave the area.

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