Despite controls in Lenggries – problems with the park morale – Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen

In order to get a grip on the increasing excursion traffic in the Oberland, including wild park growth, the municipality of Lenggries also set up parking machines at the hiking parking lots and tightened controls last summer. Responsible is the Zweckverband Kommunales Dienstzentrum Oberland (KDZ), which the Brauneck community joined a year ago. At the request of the SPD parliamentary group, the status report on municipal traffic monitoring was recently presented to the main committee, but without the figures for the fourth quarter of 2021, which are still missing. “Unfortunately, it turns out that the park morale is changing only very slowly, especially among the locals,” said managing director Tobias Riesch. Furthermore, sidewalks would be parked, for example in front of the post office, at the Sparkasse and in Marktstrasse. Long-term parkers such as mobile homes, which are parked in public parking lots, are also causing ever greater problems.

Joining the Zweckverband did not pay off financially in the first year. Because according to the current status, the municipality makes a deficit in the monitoring of stationary and flowing traffic: The income from warning plus fines for parking violations totaled 7,320 euros, with flowing traffic almost 23,000 euros. In contrast, however, there were significantly higher expenses for the services of the KDZ, so that the bottom line was a minus of almost 4500 euros for Lenggries. According to Riesch, this will likely be halved because the overall high income of all around 130 member municipalities, mainly through the use of speed cameras, means that the fees for the KDZ can be reduced. In addition, measuring points for speed camera systems, where few exceedances were found in the past year, would be dismantled. The new catalog of fines, which has been in force since November 9, 2021, will also generate more income. “The administration expects that income and expenditure will be balanced in the future,” said Riesch.

For the monitoring of parking violations, 20 hours per month have been requested from the KDZ this year. In bad weather, the inspectors should primarily check the registration forms for the resort contribution at the landlords of holiday apartments and pensions. When the weather is nice, especially on weekends, more controls are planned at the hiking parking lots, during the week more in the local area. So that the short-term parking spaces in the center of the village are not blocked by long-term parkers, it is the express wish of the Lenggries advertising association that the municipality introduces parking monitoring, said Riesch. That is why more controls are being carried out in the center of the village, at the train station, at the fairground, at the cemetery, at the schools and at the parking lots for hikers.

To monitor the flow of traffic, 66 measurements were carried out between February and November 2021, explains Riesch. In addition to mobile speed cameras in vehicles, the KDZ sets up speed camera trailers at locations in Fleck, on Sylvensteinstrasse, the Obergrieser Strasse bus stop, in Steinbach, Schlegldorf and at the senior citizen’s house. Almost five percent of the speed limit was exceeded on average at the measuring points. There were a total of 6901, more than half of them on the B 13 in the district of Fleck.

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