Designing a small bathroom: 21 tips and tricks

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Choosing the right decor for a small bathroom

A small bathroom is most often distinguished by low natural light. It even happens that the room is purely and simply without a window. The choice of colors and coatings makes it possible to benefit from a bright space, or even to visually enlarge the room.

Total Look White
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If you are worried about missing out, bet on a sure bet: the total white look!

White And Bright Color
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The color – and the patterns – are quite possible in a small bathroom. However, we favor luminous shades and, above all, we ensure that the prints are well balanced. Here, a bright blue tiling is laid out like a plinth. We could also have completely dressed the wall facing the front door to give depth to the room.

Total White Look And Floor Pattern
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While white is the perfect choice for expanding space and enjoying a small, bright bathroom, it can turn out to be a bit too cold. We then work on the floor covering, opting either for a pattern, as here, or for a solid color to bring a cozy touch.

Open space

The main disadvantage of a small bathroom is that you quickly get the unpleasant feeling of suffocation. The first trick to remedy this feeling is quite simply… to open up the space!

Open Space
© Leroy Merlin

To fit out this small bathroom without a window, we opted for a radical solution: remove the door and cut out the partitions, purely and simply. Here is a tip that suddenly transforms the bedroom into a real master bedroom. This space – which could have been cramped – suddenly turns into a bright space. Atypical… and irresistible!

Transparent Shower Screen
© Leroy Merlin

Walk-in shower – as here – or traditional shower, or even a small corner bathtub: the wall is often essential in a small bathroom. We favor a transparent model, capable of being almost invisible, so as not to overwhelm the decor.

Italian Shower Xxl
© Leroy Merlin

This small square bathroom benefits from a daring layout. Despite its XS dimensions, it has an XXL Italian shower. The secret ? The pure and simple absence of a shower screen!

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Restructure the space

In a small bathroom, it’s all about visually expanding the space and avoiding cluttering it up. From this perspective, mounting a partition seems completely contradictory. And yet, in certain configurations, this choice can pay off!

Bathroom 6 M²
© Mobalpa

In this small 6.5 m² bathroom, a simple partition allows you to change everything. On one side, a large shower cubicle; on the other, a space to install the toilet bowl. The space above the basin could have been blocked. We chip the idea of ​​the XXL round mirror, which boosts the luminosity.

Combines partition and wall
© Ikea

Half-wall, half-partition: here is a smart solution to insulate the shower while letting the light circulate. This element dressed in tiling of character also allows to give a sacred character to the decoration of this small bathroom. We validate!

Cut-out wall
© Leroy Merlin

Do you want to insulate the WC area? Nothing could be simpler: a cleverly cut partition will allow natural light to pass perfectly. The only precaution: choose the right width, finding the right balance between privacy and lightness.

L Shaped Bathroom With Hanging Furniture
© Leroy Merlin

Here, there is no “hard” partition to restructure the room, but a clever choice of coating. Not only are the shower space and the basin space well defined, but in addition, this small bathroom is divided into two rectangular areas: an interesting set of proportions and a beautiful optical effect that boosts its depth!

Small Bathroom With Laundry
© Lapeyre

A single wall well placed, and now it becomes possible to fit a shower and a laundry area on the same wall, even in a small bathroom!

Choose the right location

Before setting up a small bathroom, give yourself time to think about where the key elements will be placed:

  • The shower and / or the bathtub;
  • The basin;
  • Storage space.

To this, we sometimes have to add additional areas:

  • Toilets ;
  • A laundry area.

And to succeed, we base ourselves above all on the configuration of the room.

Italian shower at the back of the room
© Mobalpa

In a small square bathroom, the U-shaped bathroom is the most functional. It is a good idea to place the shower – or the bathtub – at the back, facing the door, and dress it in a different shade, in order to visually enlarge the room.

  Install a walk-in shower at the back of the bathroom
© Leroy Merlin

The small, long bathroom can seem tricky to arrange. Washbasin on the side and shower at the bottom – as here – are the most efficient option in a particularly narrow space. We rely on a subtle game of mirrors to create a game of depth that will give the impression of pushing back the walls.

Small bright bathroom
© Leroy Merlin

In a small asymmetrical bathroom, we take advantage of the peculiarities we have. A recess then turns into a shower cubicle.

Choosing the right furniture

Having sufficient storage space in a small bathroom: this is sometimes a challenge.

Furniture With The Right Dimensions
© Ikea

Numerous and XXL storage? Bad idea ! We favor compact models, the proportions of which are adapted to those of your small bathroom! On the other hand, we do not hesitate to exploit the height under the ceiling, by relying on a shower column.

Hanging Furniture
© Leroy Merlin

When possible, we forget the shelves which weigh down the decoration, and we replace them with niches.

Optimize Wall Area
© Leroy Merlin

The suspended furniture combines optimal capacity and lightness: top, in a small bathroom!

Drawer storage
© Mobalpa

Since the number of storage is limited, we think of accessorizing them to make the best use of them.

Trolley In The Bathroom
© Ikea

Not enough room for an extra closet? Adopt the trolley: a mobile solution that offers a significant storage area in a small bathroom!

Ergonomic Double Opening Column
© Ambiance Bain

To equip a small bathroom, we rely on smart storage, which exploits every available square centimeter. We therefore think of well-equipped doors!

Storage And Removable Plan
© Ambiance Bain

In a small bathroom, it is common to run out of space to open the doors to the side. Never mind: there are smart alternatives!

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