Deputy Olivier Serva will not be sanctioned before the beginning of December

The atmosphere is electric on the benches of the Assembly. After a most agitated evening on Thursday, the presidential majority decided in a “desire for appeasement” to rely on the office of the institution to possibly sanction Olivier Serva. The elected representative of the Liot group launched “you are going to close it” in the middle of the session. “We are not trivializing” but, “in a desire to appease, we consider that it is up to the office of the Assembly to decide” on these remarks and on “the general attitude” Thursday evening, indicated the group Revival at AFP. The next meeting of the bureau, a body on which representatives of all the political groups sit, will be held on 7 December.

The session got worse during the examination of an LFI text for the reintegration of caregivers not vaccinated against Covid-19 – a sensitive issue, particularly in Overseas France. She looked like she could be adopted. But with suspensions of sessions and amendments, the presidential camp compromised the holding of the vote, triggering the ire of the opposition and elected officials from overseas.

“You’re going to shut up! “Launched Olivier Serva at the address of Renaissance deputies who challenged him during his speech where he denounced “small subterfuges” to slow down the debates. Elected in 2017 under the LREM label, he left the presidential camp shortly before the last legislative elections. “I am a spokesperson for my territory which is suffering, sometimes this suffering is expressed directly”, explained the deputy on Friday to BFM TV. “We reaffirm our support for Olivier Serva”, reacted his group, questioning the “vociferations and provocations” in particular “of the deputy president of the Renaissance group Sylvain Maillard”.

Invectives between the majority and the small independent group are not common, Emmanuel Macron having even reached out to them and to the LRs in October, wishing for an “alliance”.

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