Demonstration in Vittel against the closure of emergencies and the supervision of temporary medical staff

Between 300 and 400 people according to the prefecture and a thousand according to the CGT marched in Vittel this Saturday. Hundreds of people, including several elected officials, were part of the procession to protest against the closure of hospital emergencies at night and on weekends since the beginning of April, a consequence according to them of the regulations capping the remuneration of temporary doctors.

This law “has catastrophic consequences on the supply of care”, declared Denis Gillet, general secretary of the CGT Santé Vosges, affirming that it has forced the hospital of Vittel to close since the beginning of April its emergencies at night, on weekends and holidays. Thirty beds (16 in doctors and 14 in surgery) were also closed, and as many at the Remiremont hospital center, he further indicated. This text “applies only to public health and not to private establishments, it is simply shameful”, he denounced.

A headache for hospitals

Entering into force on April 3, this law, of which the Renaissance deputy Stéphanie Rist is at the origin, caps the salary of doctors at 1,390 euros gross per 24-hour call. This measure is intended to prevent abuse and the government has assured that “no patient will be without a solution” at least until the end of April. But on the ground, it turns into a headache for some hospitals, with temporary doctors refusing to work if they can no longer negotiate their rates.

At the call of the health branches of the CGT, CFDT and FO des Vosges unions, the demonstrators gathered in front of the emergency room of the hospital, before going to the town hall to file a petition “denouncing the Rist law”, a continued Denis Gillet, general secretary of the CGT Santé Vosges. Several local elected officials were present in the procession, he said.

The petition, which collected “several thousand signatures”, was given to the mayor of Vittel, Franck Perry, so that it could be sent to the Minister of Health François Braun, indicated Denis Gillet.

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