Delphine Wespiser in politics? In Alsace, some say “why not”

Will Delphine Wespiser sit one day in the National Assembly? A priori, it is niet. The former Miss France, who had shown her unequivocal support for Marine Le Pen between the two presidential rounds, announced on her Instagram account that she would never talk about politics again. A response to the many insults and threats to which she was subjected after her remarkable exit.

From there to cool the recuperative inclinations of certain politicians in view of the legislative elections? Other public figures have thus been able to be tempted by an elected career in the past. On a smaller scale, Delphine Wespiser herself became a municipal councilor in 2014 in her town of Magstatt-le-Bas (Haut-Rhin).

“Our candidates are already nominated”

In Alsace, the young woman is best known for her numerous commitments in favor of animal protection and her attachment to regional culture. Inevitably, its commitments could correspond with many parties at the local level.

“It’s an interesting question, but our candidates have already been nominated,” smiles Jean-Georges Trouillet, president of Unser Land, an Alsatian party from the autonomist movement.

If he salutes “the strong gesture for Alsace” symbolized by his election as Miss France in 2012, he also recalls that “the RN is at the antipodes of what we promote within our party” “I have no comment to make on his remarks, but what is important for us is that our candidates carry the message that defines us. »

“She had courage”

For his part, Antoine Waechter, founding president of the Independent Ecologist Movement, would not be “against” a rallying of Delphine Wespiser to his cause: “Why not? She had the courage to make her intervention! »

Originally from “the same corner” of Alsace, the Sundgau, the two have “already crossed paths” in the past. “We don’t know each other any better,” says the former regional councilor. “I think she’s a committed girl. We have values ​​that could come together, subject to inventory and consistency. »

Despite several attempts, the National Rally could not be reached to discuss the hypothesis. While waiting for the legislative elections (June 12 and 19), Delphine Wespiser has taken sides: she will abstain. Of any political commentary, of course.

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