Delays – More lawsuits against airlines – Economy

Mass lawsuits against airlines are once again being filed in the courts at the locations of larger airports. According to the German Association of Judges, the number of cases rose by around 40 percent to more than 70,000 in 2022. Customers usually demand compensation for canceled or delayed flights. The judges’ association sees portals with which passengers can assert their claims quickly and easily as the main reason for the mass lawsuits. Federal Managing Director Sven Rebehn demanded a remedy from politicians. Many civil courts would be partially blocked by mass proceedings, also on the diesel scandal, or by a flood of uniform consumer lawsuits. Rebehn emphasized that in view of the “assembly-line lawsuits” with which law firms and debt collection service providers are heaping many courts, more flexible regulations in civil procedural law are necessary. The judiciary is also looking for solutions: A software pilot project has been running at the Frankfurt District Court since 2021, which is intended to support the judges in similar cases with text modules and suggestions.

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