Degrowth is the only “path to efficiency”, according to Delphine Batho

Delphine Batho said Thursday that degrowth should be “the central debate of the environmentalist primary”. According to the former Minister of Ecology and current candidate for the primary of the Greens, it is “to arbitrate a question of basic orientation between decrease and ecological support of economic growth”.

“There is no other way of efficiency to respond to the report of the IPCC” (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), said the president of Generation Ecology, during a trip to Rennes . “In 10 years, we have to achieve -65% greenhouse gas emissions in Europe to be in the nails of the IPCC report. I’m waiting for someone to explain to me how we achieve -65% while continuing to increase the GDP. It’s impossible, ”said the member for Deux-Sèvres.

Do not “continue the destruction”

For Delphine Batho, “ degrowth replaces obsession with GDP by an obsession for well-being ”. “We replace this perverse indicator by decisions that are based on quality of life, level of education, job satisfaction …”, she detailed.

This theme “is also a political slogan because degrowth is what differentiates environmentalists from all the other political forces, which all have in common to be for economic growth, in other words to continue to promote economic growth. destruction, ”explained the former socialist. “Environmentalists will not be able to lift a hope and create a dynamic by being permanently obliged to have to apologize for being environmentalists (…) We must be proud of what we are and of what we are offers. ”

“People are decreasing every day without realizing it”

According to the elected, “people are decreasing every day without realizing it, by cycling to go to work, by buying on Le Bon Coin, by not immediately changing their cell phone”. Organic farming, “it is a concrete illustration” of the decline. “It’s a change which (…) is not part of a logic of growth but which will concretely improve our quality of life and will also be an economic success because it will create jobs. Added the candidate, who attended the World Organic Congress, which is being held in Rennes until September 10.

The five candidates for the ecological primary (Yannick Jadot, Eric Piolle, Sandrine Rousseau, Delphine Batho, Jean-Marc Governatori), whom registered voters will be able to decide in the first round between September 16 and 19, will debate again on Friday.

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