Defense Minister: Equipment gaps in the Bundeswehr will not be closed by 2030

Secretary of Defense
Equipment gaps in the Bundeswehr will not be closed by 2030

Boris Pistorius visiting the army base in Mahlwinkel. photo

© Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/dpa

Not all equipment gaps in the Bundeswehr can be closed by 2030. The Secretary of Defense has now acknowledged this. And sets priorities for elimination.

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius does not expect the equipment gaps in the Bundeswehr to be closed anytime soon. “We all know that the existing gaps cannot be completely closed by 2030. That’s why we have to set priorities,” said the SPD politician to the “Welt am Sonntag”. One of these priorities is the protection of NATO’s eastern flank. “For us, that means building a fully equipped division by 2025 and making an appropriate contribution to NATO’s response force.”

“The Bundeswehr has three tasks to fulfill: national and alliance defense as well as international crisis operations. This requires skills, backed by material and personnel,” Pistorius explained in view of the high demand of the Bundeswehr. Weapons deliveries to Ukraine to support the war against Russia have also torn gaps in the Bundeswehr. At the end of January, Pistorius announced that he would be holding talks with the armaments industry.


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