Decision in Karlsruhe: Constitutional Court overturns higher party funding

Status: 01/24/2023 10:18 a.m

The increase in grants for state party funding by 25 million is not permitted. The Federal Constitutional Court has now decided that. The lawsuit by the Greens, FDP and Left was successful.

The Federal Constitutional Court has declared the 2018 decision to increase state funding for political parties to be unconstitutional and void. This judgment was announced by the Second Senate in Karlsruhe. This means that the old upper limit also applies retrospectively.

Upper limit at 190 million euros

In mid-2018, the Bundestag, with the votes of the Union and SPD, decided that the upper limit should be raised. In the past, the limit for the grants that all parties receive per year was 165 million euros. After the change, it was 190 million euros.

Union and SPD justified the plus, among other things, with hackers, fake news and data protection on the Internet – in order to be able to meet these challenges, more money is needed.

Impression of self-service?

216 MPs from the Greens, Left Party and FDP submitted a so-called norm control application to have the constitutionality of the increase checked. Even if they benefit from the increase themselves, they consider the plus to be disproportionate and fear the impression of self-service.

Az. 2 BvF 2/18

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