Deceased ski star leaves four grandchildren – “wonderful experiences”

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From: Marcus Gable

In recent years, the family of the now deceased Rosi Mittermaier has continued to grow. Four grandchildren have been born since 2015, the youngest is not even a year old.

Munich – Rosi Mittermaier is dead. But she will always remain unforgotten in the hearts of the family, the children, the grandchildren and the Germans. A major sporting event was enough for the ski star to become immortal. At the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, the native of Munich raced to three medals and thus into the hearts of all German sports fans. Gold in the downhill, gold in the slalom and silver in the giant slalom, plus there was world championship gold in the non-Olympic combined – because the alpine world championships were integrated into the Olympic Games.

A few weeks later, the then 25-year-old surprisingly ended her unprecedented career at the peak. Back then, “Gold-Rosi”, as the always cheerful Upper Bavarian was affectionately known, left a huge gap in German winter sports. Just like now in her family, which has continued to grow over the past few years. with her death on this first Wednesday in 2023, her loved ones, wife, mother and grandchildren will lose their grandmother.

Death of Rosi Mittermaier: In 2016 she raved about her first grandson Oskar

Next Christian Neureutherthe love of her life, leaves Mittermaier with daughter Ameli and son Felix and four grandchildren. So she will watch from the top as the little ones slowly grow up. From heaven. But she was still allowed to witness her first steps on earth and to enjoy the offspring of her own offspring.

2015 brought daughter Ameli, who has made a name for herself as a fashion designer, son Oskar is born. The birth of her grandson also opened up completely new perspectives for the proud grandmother, who had already experienced so much. “We are so happy with our grandson,” enthused Mittermaier in the following year Frankfurt New Press: “He gives us an awful lot.” Oskar will be seven years young in February.

Rosi Mittermaier about her grandchildren: “Don’t spoil them with chocolate, but with time”

The first granddaughter saw the light of day in October 2017: Matilda is Felix’s eldest child, who followed in his parents’ footsteps as an alpine skier, and former biathlete Miriam Gössner. Because the family built a house right next to Matilda’s famous grandparents, Mittermaier and Neureuther were very close to the youngest from then on.

In February 2020 happiness was a little bit more perfect, because with Leo the second grandson was born – the second child of son Felix and his Miriam. In an interview a few months later, Mittermaier revealed how much she enjoyed being close to her grandchildren Everything for the woman clear: “We don’t spoil our grandchildren with chocolate, but with time.”

And with lots of love. Not even a broken wrist prevented Mittermaier from hoisting his grandchildren up and carrying them in his arms. For the time together, no movement was too difficult for her.

Mourning for Rosi Mittermaier: The little Neureuthers lost their grandmother at a young age. © IMAGO / APress , Instagram

Rosi Mittermaier leaves behind four grandchildren: “Wonderful experiences” with the little ones

When asked what she’s most looking forward to, she said in the interview, “Everything to do with our grandkids. Those are wonderful experiences.” Mittermaier was able to gather them for at least a few months with Lotta, the youngest member of the family. Felix and Miriam’s third child was born last April, so has to celebrate the first birthday without grandma.

Lotta was not allowed to share too many memories with Mittermaier due to this short time. But it won’t be many years before she – like Oskar, Matilda and Leo – realizes that her grandmother was a very special woman. That moved millions of people. And so the ski icon will live on. (mg)

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