Death of Aymen in Montpellier: the driver suspected of having overturned the teenager after France-Morocco arrested

End of the run for William C. The driver suspected of being at the origin of Aymen’s death in mid-Decemberduring the celebrations in Montpellier of the World Cup semi-finalwas arrested early this Tuesday morning at the Spanish border, concordant sources indicate to the Parisian, confirming information from France 3 Occitania.

The man had fled on December 14 after hitting the 14-year-old boy in circumstances that have yet to be clarified. The teenager died shortly after his medical treatment.

Very soon after the tragedy, the investigators become convinced that the suspect is in Spain. The round trips of members of his family in the region of Valencia put them on his trail. They try to precisely locate its point of fall, without succeeding.

Things are accelerating this night, around 3 o’clock in the morning. On board a vehicle belonging to his family, coming from Spain, the police saw the fugitive. They then follow him to a house in Saint-Estève, a town bordering Perpignan. When he appears at the window of the house, the order is given to dislodge him. At 6 a.m., he was arrested without difficulty. Targeted by an arrest warrant, the man was directly presented to a judge.

The investigators are convinced that he has been protected from the start by his family and that he was returning to France to find logistical support. On the circumstances of the facts, they favor at this stage the hypothesis of an accident, a panic attack coming from a man who does not have the profile of a seasoned delinquent.

After the death of the teenager, named Aymen, scuffles took place in two underprivileged districts of Montpellier, at La Paillade, where the fatal accident took place, and at Petit Bard. The prefect had called for “calm” and “appeasement”.

“Many untruths and false information circulate on social networks, helping to excite the spirits”, he explained, adding that “provocations to hatred, wherever they come from, such as calls to private revenge, are not only irresponsible, but also unacceptable. No act of violence, whatever the motivation, can be tolerated”.

calls for calm

Aymen’s family had also called for “the greatest calm” in a statement communicated at his request by the town hall of Montpellier, assuring his “confidence in the institutions of the Republic”.

The prefect specified that two units of mobile forces comprising 160 CRS and gendarmes as well as several anti-crime brigades (BAC) were “about to be deployed in Montpellier in order to ensure the safety of people and to prevent possible disturbances at the ‘public order “.

A tribute ceremony took place Friday at the college of Montpellier where the boy was educated, in the presence of the mayor of the city Mickaël Delafosse and the rector of the academy Sophie Bejean.

The victim’s history and geography teacher, Julien Frayssinhes, described the teenager as a “solar child, adorable, full of energy, joy and good humor”. His plastic arts teacher recalled that Aymen liked to “ask at the end of class if he had done well”.

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