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The man who drove his car into a group of school children in Witzenhausen and killed a girl is said to have acted deliberately. The prosecution is now investigating murder.

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The 30-year-old, who drove his car to a primary school group in Witzenhausen (Werra-Meißner) on Friday morning, is said to have done so on purpose. The public prosecutor in Kassel and the police announced this on Monday afternoon. An eight-year-old girl was killed in the incident. Two other girls, ages seven and eight, were seriously injured.

At first it was unclear why the man from Witzenhausen had come into the group. According to the public prosecutor’s office, there is now an urgent suspicion that he purposefully steered the car into the children’s group and was consequently responsible for the death of one child and the injuries of several children.

Witness gives important information

In the course of the investigation, a witness reported to the police authorities. He observed what was happening and made statements about the driving behavior of the 30-year-old. An expert was also on site to assess the situation. The statements from both supported the assumption that it was not a mere accident, as it was said. The public prosecutor’s office in Kassel is now investigating murder and attempted murder for treachery, dangerous bodily harm and dangerous interference in road traffic.

The driver responsible was initially taken to hospital because of his injuries. He is now in a psychiatric hospital, the police said. There is a suspicion that the man suffers from a psychiatric illness, which was the cause of the crime. There are no indications of an extremist or terrorist background.

Fundraising campaign for affected families

To show their sympathy, numerous people laid flowers and cuddly toys at the scene of the accident in front of the day care center in Witzenhausen. The association “Wir für Witzenhausen” has launched a fundraising campaign for the families affected. “It is terrible enough that such an accident happened. I think no family is prepared to have to bury such a young family member,” says Gabi Lepper, chairwoman of the association.

All affected families should receive support in order to be able to take advantage of psychological help, according to Lepper. Donation houses are to be set up in some shops in Witzenhausen to collect cash. An online donation should also be possible.

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