“Deadpool 3”: Hugh Jackman explains the relationship between the characters

“Deadpool 3”
Hugh Jackman explains the relationship of the characters

In reality, Hugh Jackman (left) and Ryan Reynolds (right) get along really well.

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Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman has revealed his character won’t get along well with the titular hero in Deadpool 3.

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman (54) has revealed that Wolverine and Deadpool will really “hate” each other in “Deadpool 3”. “We are opposites, we hate each other,” he explained in the “Empire Film Podcast” to the superhero relationship. Asked about the dynamic, Jackman said, “If ten is really close friendship, zero is the reality.”

“I’m just speaking from my perspective,” he continued. Logan is “frustrated” with Deadpool and wants “to be a million miles away from him or hit him on the head,” the 54-year-old said. Unfortunately, he isn’t far enough away from him in the film, “so I’m probably going to hit him on the head a lot,” Jackman explained.

Jackman’s ambitious training plan for “Deadpool 3”

Jackman is currently starring in ‘The Music Man’ on Broadway. This makes it “much more difficult” in terms of time to train to get in shape as a Wolverine. “I have eight shows a week right now, so I only lift weights three times a week,” the Hollywood star explained. In a month he could “train once or twice a day” again and then have six months to prepare.

“I want to be better than ever, in better shape than ever, more capable than ever. I just have the added incentive to knock Ryan Reynolds out every day,” joked the 54-year-old. Reynolds and Jackman are good friends in the real world and have a history of teasing each other on social media.

Logan timeline is to be preserved

Reynolds made his Deadpool debut in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine opposite Jackman. The latter actually withdrew from the role of Wolverine in “Logan” (2017). However, the 54-year-old recently explained in the “Jess Cagle Show”that his return in Deadpool 3 wouldn’t upset Logan’s timeline.

That’s because of a “device they have in the Marvel world to shift the timelines,” the actor said. It allows you to “go back” and “not mess around with the Logan timeline, which was important to me and I think fans probably do too,” the Hollywood star added. The theatrical release of “Deadpool 3” is currently planned for November 8, 2024.


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