Dead baby trial: Rabea’s mother admits killing

Dead baby trial: Rabea’s mother admits killing

The defendant covers her face with a blue folder in the district court, her lawyer Felix Menke is standing in front of her. Around eight months after the discovery of a dead baby in Mönchengladbach, the trial against the child’s mother begins.

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The accused appears calm, testifies and answers questions: The trial of the mother of a killed baby has begun in Mönchengladbach. The 24-year-old does not want to have noticed the pregnancy. Neither does your environment.

The trial against the mother of a dead baby discovered in a public trash can began in Mönchengladbach with a confession. Before the district court, the defendant said on Thursday that she was surprised by the birth and killed the screaming newborn.

The trained saleswoman told the jury that she had not noticed the pregnancy. She had a stomach ache at night, took a cold shower and then saw the child between her legs. The prosecution accuses her of repeatedly hitting her head against the edge of a table. The 24-year-old is charged with murder.

The blond woman wears a white blouse, black jacket and black glasses. She answers questions from the court, sits upright and follows what is happening. She says she can’t remember putting the baby’s body in a public trash can. She also does not know who cleaned the bathroom.

Big condolences for dead baby Rabea

A prison psychologist spoke to the accused while she was in custody. She told the jury that the 24-year-old was “easygoing” and had no desire to justify the crime. “She also said that you couldn’t do that,” reported the psychologist from a conversation with the accused.

During the two-month search for the mother of the unknown dead baby, the police in Mönchengladbach had pursued many approaches. Investigators named it Rabea. It was buried in a small white coffin with great sympathy from the population. The chief of police and the mayor were among the mourners. At the site, the investigators had set up a display case with a mailbox for anonymous tips.

According to a DNA analysis, the friend of the accused was the father of the child. Even the 41-year-old rail customer advisor from Mettmann does not want to have noticed the pregnancy. On the night of the crime, he even stayed with his girlfriend. He didn’t hear anything about what was happening, as he told the court. He also cannot remember blood the next morning. The mother and brother of the accused told the police that they had not noticed the pregnancy. The 22-year-old brother refused to testify in court.

“I hope that they will be helped. I have not found any help yet”

A DNA series test in the vicinity of the site brought the investigators on the trail of 24-year-olds. The Polish national took part voluntarily. In court Thursday, she said she heard about the dead baby but didn’t realize it could be her child.

A bottle collector discovered the body in a shopping bag. “I hope they will be helped,” said the 52-year-old as a witness to the accused. “I haven’t found any help yet.” The court plans three more days of hearings.

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