DAX study: How employers feel about applications with AI help

As of: April 12, 2024 10:27 a.m

Large companies are apparently open to the use of artificial intelligence in application processes. This is shown by a survey among DAX companies. Some HR departments also use AI themselves.

CV, application photo and of course the cover letter – these are important for pretty much every application. And artificial intelligence (AI) is being used more and more frequently. Apparently many companies are open to this in principle. As a survey by the German Press Agency among the 40 DAX companies showed, the companies are generally open to the use of artificial intelligence in application processes.

A total of 16 companies took part in the survey. It shows that both applicants and employees in human resources departments use AI applications. Know-how about artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important. The automotive supplier Continental, for example, said that mastering AI is a valuable skill in professional life.

The difference between “fake” and authentic

The energy supplier Eon also stated that the use of AI for formulations or as inspiration is generally acceptable. However, it is important to get an authentic image of the applicant and personal commitment plays a big role.

The fundamental question for companies is: How do employers recognize whether an application was written independently or essentially created by an AI? Recently, a case at the Technical University of Munich caused discussions. A man there had applied for a master’s degree program and submitted an essay as part of the application. In the opinion of the examiners, the text was created using artificial intelligence – and the use of AI was not permitted in this application. The applicant appealed the decision and lost. The Bavarian Administrative Court decided that the rejection was legal.

Help with viewing Application documents

According to the dpa survey, DAX companies do not systematically check application documents to see whether artificial intelligence has played a role. Deutsche Telekom emphasized that it was not relevant to them whether an application was created by KI or not. Rather, what is crucial is what skills and motivation the applicant has.

Some companies also use AI themselves to find suitable employees – especially when creating job advertisements or reviewing application documents.

Error rate still high

Meanwhile, AI applications are becoming increasingly sophisticated. For paying customers, for example, the latest version of the ChatGPT chatbot is much more up-to-date. The developer company OpenAI said the text robot was trained with knowledge about the world until the end of 2023.

Until now it ended in April 2023. ChatGPT triggered the artificial intelligence boom over a year ago, which still creates a good atmosphere on the world’s stock exchanges.

Chatbots are fed and trained with large amounts of information. AI can write texts and software code, but also summarize information. However, the error rate with artificial intelligence is still comparatively high. Developers are working to make the programs more reliable.

Jan Plate, HR, tagesschau, April 12, 2024 10:38 a.m

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